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Wednesday, July 30, 2014
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The Season is Upon Us!

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2013 Conqueror Volleyball Schedule
          29         Bay City Green Bay JV              Home          5:00pm
             6-7          Tip-Off Tournament                           Away              TBA
             10           Trinity Fond du Lac                          Home               5:00pm
             13           Bay City Green Bay JV                    Away                5:00pm
             17           Valley Homeschool                          Home               5:00pm
             20           Copper Country Christian                  Home               5:30pm
             21           Copper Country Christian                  Home               9:30am
             24           NEWCHAA                                     Home               5:00pm
             26           FBS Waupaca                                 Away               4:30pm
             1             Tri-Match (MCC/Trinity)                   Away                 5:00/6:00pm
             8             NEWCHAA                                    Away                 5:00pm
             11-12       Waupaca Tournament                     Away                 TBA
            15            FBS Waupaca                                Home                4:30pm
            18            JH State Tournament                       Away                TBA
            25-26       WACS State (MBBC)                       Away                TBA