Faith Christian School
Monday, August 03, 2015
Preparing youth for time and eternity


Prospective Students

When Jesus was here on earth He set an example of meeting individuals at the point of their need.  He most often met with small groups of two or three people, and He emphasized the importance of relationships.  Much of current educational research emphasizes the importance of small school environments.  Studies have shown that a student's capacity for learning is strengthened when he or she has strong ties to a teacher.  The small class sizes at Faith Christian School foster the building of relationships among teachers and students. 

Visiting FCS:

We Welcome visitors to our school. If you would like to talk with the principal, visit a particular classroom, or would like to receive a packet of information regarding our school, please contact the school office at (920 897-3380). 

If you would like to complete a registration form, please see the website section labeled "downloads." 

K4 and K5:

We offer K4 & K5 for either full days or half days.  The price remains the same.


While we do not offer a school lunch, we do have lunches run by volunteers usually two days a week.

Our History:

FCS has been in existence for 35 years.  Our graduates are actively involved in their communities as pastors, plumbers, contractors, accountants, chief financial officers, corporate vice presidents, teachers, as well as many other professions. Our graduates have continued their education at many  universities including, but not limited to:

                    University of Wisconsin
                    Northland Baptist Bible College
                    Maranatha Baptist Bible College
                    Liberty University
                    Bethel College
                    Clearwater Christian College
                    Pensacola Christian College
                    Faith Baptist, Ankeny, IA
                    Tennessee Temple University

Many of our student have gone on to hold leadership positions in the field of service; including but not limited to:

                    Investment Analyst
                    V.P. Finance
                    V.P. Sales & Marketing
                    Chief Operating Officer
                    Elementary School Teacher
                    Assistant Pastor
                    Senior Pastor
                    Secondary School Teacher
                    University Professor
                    Christian Homemaker

Many of our graduates have returned to teach at the school.

Many of our graduates have enrolled their children in the school.

Faith Christian School is a member of the American Association of Christian Schools.

Admission Procedure for New Students:

  1. Parents need to contact the school and receive a catalog or can download the registration forms here:
  2. Parents need to sign the "Parents Pledge" and fill out an application. Students in grades 7-12, as well as their parents must sign the "Standard of Conduct" form. These forms are the blue pages in the center of this catalog or the downloaded forms.
  3. Parents and prospective students must make an appointment to meet with the administrator.
  4. A new student is accepted into our school on the basis of former records or entrance and placement tests and after meeting the entrance qualifications. Upon acceptance, the family will receive a packet of necessary forms for file information, immunization records, etc. A list of needed classroom supplies will be provided.

Still have more questions or need more info? Please Contact Us.